Services we provide

emergency locksmiths for window locks
  • Key holding
  • Security upgrades
  • Security surveys
  • Burglary repairs
  • Locked out service
  • Lock cylinder swap
  • Lock delivery day or night
  • lock repairs
  • digital locks
  • keys
  • lock replacement
  • locks
  • emergency access
  • security surveys
  • alarm systems
  • and a lot more

As a locksmith business in the local Keynsham area that has been operating for a long time, we have come to offer a huge variety of services to our customers. We think that having a large team which is extensively qualified and continues to train in the trade, it is important to cover all bases when it comes to locksmith services. We also think that these services should be available 24/7 because it includes emergency call outs. Emergency call-outs do not abide by the 9 to 5 timeframe and we are well aware of this. We make sure that there is always a member of our locksmith team on call that can be with you within 10 to 15 minutes of any emergency. This is just one of the services Keynsham Locksmiths provide but there is plenty more that we offer our customers.

Beyond the traditional locksmith trade

Beyond the traditional locksmith trade services such as lock repairs, key cutting and replacements, our local locksmiths can do other work too such as gaining entry, alarm system installation, and even door installation. We go above and beyond the work of a traditional locksmith and make sure that all our services are at the highest level of quality and the materials we use are sustainable. When it comes to digital lock and alarm installation, we will assess your property and recommend the scale of security that you may need for your home business. When it comes to large commercial buildings, alarm and digital lock installations is a much bigger and perhaps more costly project. However depending on the alarm and lock systems you choose, we can offer discounts on multiple purchases. But you can always be rest assured that no matter the type of installation, our team is full of expert locksmiths that will make sure that everything is fitted correctly and you are happy with the results.

lock fitting

In certain situations, if a lock has been damaged sometimes the frame of the door has been damaged too. Our lock specialists can analyse the situation fully and suggest new frames or door fittings if required. If these types of things can be repaired, strive to do this first as long as your security is maintained. Sometimes this is not always possible and a new lock or door is required. We can offer a wide range of fixtures and fittings that means you can be safe and secure in your home or business again. We have the materials and frames that suit a wide variety of budgets and we can offer a discount on certain fittings. So if you need any of these services mentioned and more then please contact us today where we can discuss with you what is required and offer a no-obligation quote so that you can fully understand the extent of our service. Our locksmiths are always keen to help so if in doubt feel free to ask if any questions with no pressure to buy. Thank you for choosing Keynsham Locksmiths.