Successful very quickly

The history of our locksmith business goes back a long way. The business started with just me going around and helping customers where I could. I soon realised that people were responding well to the service I was providing and I was gaining more and more clients as the weeks went on. After a couple of months, I realised that I could no longer run this company on my own. It was becoming successful very quickly. I decided to join forces with a friend of mine who had been in the locksmith trade before and had talked about running his own business at some point. So one person quickly became two locksmiths that had the same work ethic and could provide a quality service that did not compromise on customer relations.

alarms on safes

We named the business Keynsham Locksmiths because we are very proud to work in this area. We worked this way for several months but it soon became apparent that two locksmiths with this type of work ethic gained a strong reputation quickly in the area for being reliable and trustworthy. The phone was running off the hook and we knew that we needed to start building a strong and large team in the area. So my friend John and I started hiring local locksmiths who understood what we were trying to create and wanted to be part of something great. We were very lucky in the people that we found and we were blown away by the community feel of our team. It was everything that we had hoped to achieve and it was done in such a small space of time we couldn’t believe it.

11 years since the start

We made sure that all our team members were fully qualified and attended training courses that meant their customer service was just as strong as their skill as locksmiths. A year on since we started Keynsham Locksmiths, the team has gone from one person to twelve team members and has gained a reputation like no other in the area. People began to know of us and our trade and, more importantly, knew they could depend on us for all types of locksmith services. We felt so grateful for the business we were receiving.

lock replaced with a digital lock

It is now 11 years since we started the business as locksmiths and we have gone from strength to strength. We continually strive to make sure customers are always happy with every service we provide and always attend necessary training courses so that we are always relevant and motivated by our trade. The risk to start my own business and for John to join me was high. We were in high paying positions but the work ethic we really wanted to achieve wasn’t there. Now we can work and integrate our business within local communities in Keynsham and really make a difference and can see this every day. We are extremely lucky to have this business in Keynsham and we will never become complacent when it comes to our trade and the people that we provide the services for. Our business depends on you and we will always do our best in every situation.